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Gear - Mic Pres/EQs

AEA RPQ ribbon dual mic pre
Ampex 351 tube mic pre
Ampex MX-10 4 x 2 tube mixer
API 512c mic pres (4)
Berlant Concertone tube mic pre (2)
Chandler EMI TG Channel (2)
Chandler Germanium mic pre
Cinema Engineering 4031-B program equalizer (2)
Daking mic pre/eq
Electrodyne 511 EQ (2)
Electrodyne 710L "Lemon Twist" mic pre/EQ (2)
Flickinger Vintage EQ (2)
Forssell Technologies SMP-500 mic pre
JLM Audio PEQ500 passive equalizer (2)
Kush Clariphonic Stereo Parallel Equalizer
Kush Electra 500 series EQ (2)
LaChapell 583e tube mic pre w/eq
LaChapell Audio 583s tube mic pre
Langevin AM2A 8-channel Mixer
Langevin EQ-251A passive EQ (2)
Neve 1079 mic pres/eq (5)
Neve 1271 line amp (2)
Neve 31105 mic pre/eq (28)
Neve 32081 3-band notch eq (2)
Pultec EQP-1A3 hi/lo tube equalizer
Purple Lil PEQR (2)
Quad Eight 312E and 312A 3- band eq (2 of each type)
RCA BA-21A tube mic pre (2)
RCA BE-1A passive line equalizer
Retro Instruments 2A3 dual channel tube EQ
Shadow Hills Industries GAMA Mono Mic Pre (2)
Telefunken v672 mic pre
Telefunken v72 mic pres (2)
Universal Audio 6176 tube mic pre with compressor
Vintech x81 mic pre/eq (2)