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Gear - Guitars/Basses

Fender 1952 Telecaster (reissue)
Fender 1966 Jazzmaster
Fender 1967 Mustang
Fender 1970s Precision Bass
Fender 1972 Telecaster Thinline (reissue)
Fender 1975 Telecaster Custom
Fender 1978 Jazz Bass
Fender 1980s Stratocaster
Fender JA-90 Telecaster
Fender Jaguar - Johnny Marr version
Fender Jazzmaster - J Mascis version
Fender Jazzmaster - Lee Ranaldo/Sonic Youth version
Framus 1969 Texan 12-string acoustic guitar
Gibson 1948 J-45 acoustic guitar
Gibson 1951 ES-125
Gibson 1963 ES-330
Gibson 1965 LG-0 acoustic guitar
Gibson 1968 Hummingbird acoustic guitar
Gibson 1977 Les Paul Pro
Grandma's classical acoustic giutar
Greco 1960s Shrike Frankenstein-ed electric guitar
Gretsch G5127 guitar
Harmony 1957 acoustic guitar
Hofner 1966 500/1 violin bass
Italia 12-string electric guitar
K 1930s archtop acoustic guitar
May Bell 1940s acoustic archtop guitar
P'Mico 1940s Collegiate parlor guitar
Rickenbacker 1979 4001 bass
Rickenbacker 330
Silvertone 1960s electric guitar - model 1488
Squire Vintage Modified Precision Bass