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Gear - Amplifiers/Cabinets/Pedals

Airline 1950s or 60s amplifier
Ampeg 1960s B-15 bass amp
Fender 1953 Deluxe tweed amp
Fender 1960s 2 x 12" cab
Fender 1965 Tube Reverb
Fender 1966 Bassman amplifier
Fender 1966 Showman amp
Fender 1973 Vibro Champ amplifier
Gibson 1960s Skylark amplifier
Harmony 1960s solid state amp
Haynes 1950s or 60s Jazz King II
Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer (original) (2)
Jim Dunlop Roto-vibe pedal
Marshall 1970s 4X12
Marshall 1990 JCM-800 50W amplifier
Music Man Reverb Sixty-Five
Ovation THE CAT
Silvertone 1950s 1336 amp
Silvertone 1960s Twin Twelve amplifier
Smokey amplifier
Valco Montgomery Ward Airline 1950s or 60s amplifier
Vox AC-30 amplifier