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This is Flyling Blanket V II.


Hello, Bob Hoag here.  I record and produce bands here in Mesa, Arizona, at my studio, Flying Blanket Recording.
This CD (our second compilation CD) highlights some of my work in the past couple years, and showcases some really amazing Arizona bands.  Many of these songs were recorded specifically for this comp and can't be found elsewhere.   They're quite a diverse bunch, but like your children, you should be able to find a little room in your heart for each one.  Unless, of course, you have no heart.

Here are some notes on the individual songs.
1 - Sister Cities - 'Toolbox'
 One of the most unique bands i've ever recorded.  I did their debut full-length, Illuminacion Espiritual, but this song was recorded exclusively for this comp and cannot be found anywhere else.   By the way, these are four of the sweetest human beings on the planet.  Look for their video for 'White Dress' and a rerelease of their full-length in the UK. Contact: myspace.com/sistercities

2 - Austin Gibbs - 'February'
An extremely talented young singer songwriter for whom I did an EP last year.  This song is from that EP.  I played organ, precussion, sang backups.  Contact: www.myspace.com/austincgibbs

3 - Dear & the Headlights - 'Strangers'
I produced and engineered two albums for this amazing band on Equal Vision Records, but this aqmazing cover of the Kinks' classic was recorded specifically for this comp, and was all recorded live - Ian even sang the vocal live in the control room!  I did percussion.  Contact: www.dearandtheheadlights.com

4 - Black Carl - 'Red-Headed Man'
Another unique band whose talent astounds.  If Amy Winehouse weren't on crack, she might be making records this cool.  I produced and engineered a full-length for them last year.  This song was done specifically for this comp.  Look for them on tour, and hopefully we'll be working on a new record in the fall.  Contact: www.myspace.com/iamblackcarl

5 - Back Ted N-Ted - 'Hookie' (album version)
This is a track from the forthcoming full-length, The Mirror, out July 13 on iTunes through Modern Art Records.  Ryan tracked this himself and then brought it in for me to mix.  It was a lot of fun.  Back Ted-N-Ted just finished touring w Imogen Heap and is getting ready to record an EP at LCD Soundsystems' studio, Plantain.  Contact: www.myspace.com/backtednted

6 - Brian Demarco - 'Big Love'
FI produced and engineered an amazing and very touching (as well as sometimes haunting) full-length for this singer-songwriter last year, and this track is from that album.  I played drums, sang backups, did percussion, played organ.  Contact: www.briandemarcomusic.com

7 - Gospel Claws "Walk Me Down'
Another one of my favorite bands I've worked with, and absolutely one of the most original bands around.  Their new full-length, C-L-A-W-S, which this track is from, will be out this fall on Common Wall Media.  I played percussion.  Contact: www.myspace.com/gospelclaws

8 - Shark Speed - 'Pretend'
A very talented four-piece from Utah and Las Vegas.  I have produced and engineered a full-length and an EP for these folks - this track is from their new Education EP.  Contact: www.myspace.com/sharkspeedrawks

9 - The Smith Family Band - 'La La La"
Derek Smith used to be in the band Mourning Maxwell.  He and his brother Ryan got together to record an album's worth of original blue-eyed soul. Derek and Ryan played most of the instruments themselves.  I sang backup and played percussion and some keys.  This great full-length which I produced and engineered, will be out July 17.  Contact: www.myspace.com/thesmithfamilyband

10 - The Love Me Nots - 'Do What You Do (video mix)
This song is from their third album, Insideout Upsidedown, which was produced and engineered bu the legendary Jim Diamond here at Flying Blanket.  I remixed it this year because I play drums for this band live now and I thought it would be fun (though I didn't play drums on this one, just tambourine).  You can see this band in scattered cities throughout the US.  Please come say hello to me if you do.  Contact: www.myspace.com/luvmenots

11 - Kinch - 'Sunken Treasure'
I had never worked with this band before but had always wanted to, so I invited them in to do a song specicifially for this comp.  I. produced and engineered and sang backups.  Contact: www.kinchband.com

12 - The Foxglove Hunt - 'The Time Redeem'
 This band is to the 80s what Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings are to the 60s.  Produced by Rob Withem and Ronnie Martin, I recorded the guitars and vocals and mixed this for the Built My Fortress EP.  I've also mixed another amazing album for them, Stop Heartbeat, both out on Common Wall.  Contact: www.myspace.com/thefoxglovehunt

13 - Seven Car Pileup - 'Lucy'
A great little pop nugget from a Tempe three-piece.  I did an EP for them last year.  I sang backups, did organ, percussion, etc.  Contact: www.myspace.com/sevencarpileup

14 - La Catrin - 'Reverse Citizens'
This is the brainchild of Evil Jungle Princess Bianca Montalvo.  From her forthcoming full-length, Humans Are My Keyboards.  I produced, engineered, wrtoe the music and played all of the instruments.  Contact - www.myspace.com/lacatrin

15 - Hot Skin - 'Doin' the Drift'
Side project band of the folks from Hour of the Wolf.  I produced and engineered eight songs for them in two days.  Recorded all live except vocals, in pretty much one take, no instrumental overdubs.  I love them.  Contact - www.myspace.com/hotskincoldcash

16 - Super Stereo - 'Capsule Man'
I did two songs for these folks last year, and they are two of the quirkiest but catchiest things I ever worked on.  I produced, engineered, did percussion, etc.  Contact - www.myspace.com/superstereo

17 - Neba - 'Gold'
Man, I love this band.  I produced and engineered an EP for them a few years ago (the first record finished in our new building!), but this song was recorded specifically for this comp.  I produced, engineered, sang backups, did percussion.  Contact - www.myspace.com/nebamusic

18 - Telescope - 'I'll Drive Tonight'
I did an album for them a few years ago, but this is from the EP I did for them more recently  I produced, engineered, sang backups, did percussion.  Contact - www.telescopemusic.com

19 - What Laura Says - 'If I Cannot See Your Eyes'
I was lucky enough to record this amazing band for a split 7" w Gospel Claws which I'm not sure ever came out...but hey, the song is great.  They are on tour right now all over the US.  Go see em.  Contact - www.whatlaurasays.com

20 - Courtney Marie Andrews - 'Venus Is Prominent'
 Another artist whom I had always wanted to work with but never had, so I invited her to come in and do this song specifically for the comp.  I produced, engineered, played some keys, and percussion.  Contact: www.riverjonesmusic.org