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Studio Staff

Bob Hoag - founder and co-owner.   I opened Flying Blanket about nine years ago in a crummy industrial park and battled motorcycles, mean cat-hating neighbors, and combative hobos to make some really special records (well, in my opinion, anyway).  I produce and generally engineer most of the records I produce.  I have made records for Joel Plaskett, Dear and the Headlights, The Format, Runaway Diamonds, Adam Panic, Minibosses, Fine China, The Breakup Society, Limbeck, JD Stooks, Awake and Alert, The Loveblisters, Hour of the Wolf, Miles Kurosky, Versus the Mirror, The Bled, The Ruby Lee, Sugar High, The Go Reflex, Pollen, Recover, the Impossibles, Before Braille, Life in Pictures, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, the Aeffect, Mercy Fall, Telescope,  the Heartless, Until August, Art For Starters, Bella, Tickertape Parade, the Letterpress, Little Compass, Mourning Maxwell, and many others.  I also sing and play piano in my own band, The Go Reflex, as well as drums for The Breakup Society.  I am also a wicked tambourine player.

Chuckie Duff - co-owner and bass player.